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Moving to Mexico

Moving to México is not like moving to another city or state. Mexico is a foreign country with its own immigration laws and regulations. When moving belongings it is important that you use a moving company that has the experience and credentials to make you feel comfortable in working with them.

Look for company with many years of experience in moving families across the border, company that can speak fluent English and especially one that can provide many, solid references.

And then it is up to you to perform your due diligence by making some phone calls and speaking to some of them because you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with professionals who you can trust and rely on to deliver all of your belongings safely to their destination.

A good mover will guide you on how to pack properly, how to create a manifest and what you can and cannot bring across the border.
If you belongings are not packed or listed properly there is a possibility of being charged a fine or even worse, having your belongings confiscated.

If you are using a reliable mover and procedures are followed accurately there shouldn’t be any problems.
For information about an honest, dependable mover please go to INCARE.

But before you do anything, you will need to obtain the proper permits for full or part- time residency. There are several types of permits available, depending upon your needs and Qualification.

Firstly there is the FMT, a temporary Tourist visa that allows you to legally stay in México for up to six months.
During that time you can do the paperwork necessary to acquire an FM-3 which allows you residency for one for one full year, renewable every year.

These can be obtained in the local immigration office in Rosarito or you can go to your local Mexican Consulate in major cities across America. Once you have received it you must register with your local immigration Office within 90 days for your FM-3 to be properly stamped and authenticated in Mexico.

Since 9-11 the U.S. and Mexico have been enforcing law regarding foreigners in Mexico.
If you choose to use a Mexican Consulate you will have a waiting period of 2 3 weeks. If you are near the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, the FM-3 can be processed and obtained in 24 hours.

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