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Best Buys in Baja
AboutBest Buy in Baja

We opened our door in Rosarito Beach in 1992, after our founders spent a summer in this coastline and saw the potential of growth. Having worked in the real estate market in California and love for their Mexican heritage they opened their first location right in the middle of town and later their current location for the past 27 years in the neighborhood of Popotla. 

The fact that we have been here since the very beginning of the real estate boom, helps us have knowledge of the area and its newest developments.  We as a company have developed communities and worked with investors in creating subdivisions, marketing strategies and sales forces. In addition, to helping thousands of first time buyers in Mexico that are uncertain of the requirements, laws and regulations that are involved in such transactions. For we know that language can be a barrier to some we have a bilingual team. 

As we will say, the fact that we have had clients for the past 30 years that we are still in touch is a reminder that we are doing things right. Since we know first hand the value of location that this region has to offer to its visitors and residents. Therefore, each year we celebrate the growth not only in sales, but of our community that has given so much to us.

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