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Oasis Mulege

Magnificent Oceanfront Parcel in Mulege, B.C.

This exciting real estate is located just 8 miles south of the charming town of mulege. This is an excellent property for a resort condo- hotel or luxury retirement development. Picturesque beaches and crystal clear waters offer a paradise just waiting to be discovered.

Prospective Investment Strategy

The prosper strategy coupled with the right investor can make this property more than a just good investment, the owners is willing to talk about part or all depending on the terms. One hundred acres in a pristine setting… it doesn’t get any better than that.

An unbeatable price

Where can you get a oceanfront land in a setting like this at a price of 3, 50 USD per square meter? Call us today and arrange a meeting. We can show you the land and discuss any offers that you would like to make.